A Nurse’s Hunch

Between a nurses lower ribs, right smack in the middle of their gut is this feeling we call a “hunch.”  All nurses know that hunch, right?!  There may not be clear medical insight, just an abstract feeling of what is going on for a person’s health condition.

That hunch, that gut feeling can be the catalyst for family to get to their loved one’s side at crucial times!  Perhaps it is the prompting, a God-given insight, to help you become ready and or be aware of a rapid change coming their way.

I’m not saying, “trust your nurses perspective no matter what!”  What I am saying is, there are unique insights your nurses will share with you.  My hope is that you’re able to slow down, hear what they are saying and consider very strongly what their concern is at that time.

When this happens, we know we can’t prove anything, but we know we need to say our hunch out loud.  Verbally saying our hunch can be a lonely insight, not many will see it the way the nurse does.  We want to be wrong, especially if the hunch has a devastating outcome!  But what if it is right?

My hope is that as nurses communicate those hunches we do so in compassionate, personalized and sincere ways with words that go to the heart of the matter.


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