Something for you to mark on the calendar?

Marking an anniversary of a birth, wedding, life event and even a death may be really good for your soul. Not only can you be reminded to participate in a celebration, but also in reminiscing.  For our culture, remembering when there was a birth or a death can be an encouragement and reminder we are not alone.

It’s easy to see that reality in a birthday…but what about an anniversary of someone’s death?  Isn’t it morbid?  Isn’t it wrong to remind someone of a death?  Doesn’t a reminder stir bad  memories?

Bereavement specialists say no way!  An anniversary is an opportunity for review and remembering the life and influence someone has had in our lives, a celebration and yes, even a time of grieving…either response is an opportunity to attest to the worthiness of another life and not sweep it all under the rug.



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