Broken Spirits

I have been trying to process through the concept of denial during a terminal illness. The longer I consider the word and think about situations where it shows up, the more empathetic I am becoming.

At first, denial seems to cause a knee jerk reaction. The view-point is someone is being resistant, refusing, avoiding and not coping appropriately. Frustration is usually not far away from any conversation.

A little further into this process of examining denial, I see people giving clues to the dept of their broken spirits. They are in not just in a coping style, but a survival mode. Their senses are dulled and reasoning travels a whole different path.

Have you ever said this type of comment? “They just aren’t listening!!!” “Can’t they see…??”

Perhaps we need to add into the equation they did not listen because their discouraged broken spirit and harsh situation interferes with their ability to hear. I wonder then…how much impact could encouragement and empathy have on their (and our…) ability to hear.


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