Love Wins

No matter what phase of a health crisis you are in, no matter who it is you are talking with about treatment choices LOVE wins!

Kindness, concern, time, compassion, thoughtfulness, carefulness (aka love) will finish the race upright.

Love allows us to live with hope… LOVE wins!


Myth verses Truth

Myth: ¬†Being a “caregiver” is a burden.

Truth: Being a “caregiver” can be tiresome, but is never a regret.


Voices of Grief

A bazillion words could be used to document the voices of grief. Those expressions come from a place in our lives where we regularly do not live life. When they get come out of us though… what depth of ourselves we experience!

Our breath gets taken away and we force ourselves to inhale. Moans, sobs, whimpers and such hot tears can flow from within. Let alone the words that come out during grief that can be full of love or full of sadness.

The voices of grief are around us every day, are we hearing what is being said?



One Word

Just one little word of encouragement sure does go a long way. No matter what that one word is, the key is encouragement.

How many times are we near the edge or up against the wall with no real idea where to turn… and then comes that one little word of encouragement. Someone says a phrase or gives us a kind thought and all of a sudden…! BAM! We become energized or at minimum find the next step in our process.

Just one little word of encouragement. I hope I am not holding back on that one word which may be someone’s key to moving along in their life.


Why Would You Believe Me?

As a nurse, I am thinking about this question. Why would any one believe what I am telling them? What is it that I have done to earn their trust and gain a place of competence for their situations?

People, sickly vulnerable people are place in positions of having to trust care givers in a very fast paced way.

Let’s not forget putting integrity and compassion together quickly for them. Their dignity is a risk!






Off the Radar

Have you noticed there are a few people that have been missing in your normal routines lately? Is there someone who normally is in your social circle, faith group, exercise class, but lately they have been gone?

When caregivers are off the radar, you can be sure exhaustion will be part of the reason your friend is missing.

This is when a caregiver  could use a hand, maybe two hands. An encouraging word through a card, a meal delivered or run some errands for them and help carry their load. Perhaps you could even consider being the caregiver for a couple days.

Being off the radar may be a caregivers new normal…do what you can to not loose track of caregivers and help prevent them from loosing heart.


Anniversary Days

I know the excitement throughout the year to celebrate certain dates; anniversaries, birthdays, spiritual marker days, meeting a lifelong friend…any date qualifies.

Why? Because the bottom line is that a time in history marks an impacting event in a person’s life. That marker means “at this moment in time” my life changed and either went a new direction or took on a new level of intensity.

No one knows those Anniversary days like you do. They are in-bedded inside of your heart and mind and may be just for you to recall.

Enjoy, celebrate and be motivated into your life…



When you lay your head down to sleep tonight, will you do so saying “today I lived well?” Is there anything unresolved that needs to be thought through before sleep?

Today is almost over.


How to Get Ready

How do you get ready for something you are dreading?

Perhaps I could turn this blog in to a comedy routine! You know, the classic anxieties in life, rubbing shoulders with real life. Where crisis and change and vulnerability wrestle with each other and it becomes a combination of really sad and really comical.

We all have our ways to get ready for anything; some prepare, some cram, some avoid and some fight against.

I’m just asking…how do you get ready for something you are dreading?

I’m just asking…


Research and Development

Isn’t this the most interesting combination of words? To me there is excitement and an indication of progress.

Yet, have you ever been around someone with a terminal illness and there comes an opportunity to take part in a “trial”? The opportunity to help someone else with a particular disease or the chance that maybe the research will be the one that cures.

Oh the decisions to make in life…may the choices made be met with peace, satisfaction and reward.

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