Personalized Care

If someone were to ask me what I want in a caregiver, one word I would use for sure is personalized. Meaning?

I want you to call me by name, find out what I want or don’t want, what I think I need and what I want to try out as you care for me. Find out why I say no or yes and learn more about me than just my words. Watch my mannerisms, learn my nonverbal communication and give it a go at reading my face.

Guess personalized means you have to give me your time…




Care givers…please believe me, you are doing a wonderful act of human kind. From the outside, from our side of watching and praying, you are doing far better than you can even imagine. Your acts of kindness are not hidden. Persevere, we are on the sidelines cheering you on, just like the fans at the Boston Marathon.


Seniors and Children thereof…

Here is a link to a “risk meter” that I think would be helpful for you and the family to prevent hospitalizations. Even if it is just for a conversation starter. Click Here




Empathy vs Sympathy

When I trained to be a Stephen Minister, the manual had a picture describing the difference between empathy and sympathy. I wish I still had the manual to tell you the exact look of the drawing, but here is my best recall.

The illustration has a well-developed tree (the unmovable God,) a hole or pit right beside the tree (unfortunate circumstances in life) and a person down inside the pit (could be any one of us.)

With sympathy, another character is down in the pit with the troubled soul, trying to push each other unsuccessfully up out of the hole. But neither of them are unable to reach the stable force, because they are slipping and falling around the bottom of the pit together.

Then with empathy, the illustration shows a person gripping with one hand on the unmovable tree and with their other hand extending down toward the troubled soul. Because they have a grip on the unmovable tree, they are able to help draw the person upward out of the pit.

Sympathy can complicate the problem.

Empathy can give leverage and strength.


The Elephant

whitey age 50!


Do we really have to talk about the elephant in the room?



Merely Ordinary?

How many readers have made the comment inside of your head, “I’m not a nurse.”  “I don’t know what I am doing!”  Especially when you are taking care of someone, who is not your child!

Every day, people like yourself are taking care of people in need.  Whether you believe this or not… what you are doing is heroic!  You are in the trenches of real life, figuring out what is best or what works for your present facts of life.

“ordinary” indicates not impressive, not unusual, not different, not good, not bad

“heroic” indicates marked courage, self-sacrificing, great-hearted

See the difference?  You are not merely ordinary as a caregiver, you are a hero!

Many of us cheer you on!


Angels of Mercy

If you are a nurse, you have been called an Angel of Mercy at some point in your career.  What do you think is really meant by this comment?

The obvious is your acts of kindness, your skills and approach helped during a crisis point and the recipient(s) felt a huge relief!

What about the inconspicuous?  What about the unspoken meaning of this term?  Not only can a mercififul act bring relief, it can change peoples lives.  Perhaps even guide them into pursuing a health related career or maybe even spur them on to develop a tool to help care for people in crisis.

Nurses, be assured, your behavior brings relief.

Have a great day my peers!!!





Death Cafe’

Have you ever heard of such a term?  This is a growing concept and one that I am able to be in the middle of here in Lincoln Nebraska.

Feb. 6th there will be a group meeting at The LoveKnot in Lincoln from 4-6pm.  This is where we get together for conversation and beverages…and yes, talk about death and dying.

The goal?  To increase awareness of death and making the most of a finite life.  People have opportunities to meet with others, discuss experiences and perspectives with death and dying and spend quality time with a quality topic.

A second opportunity begins on Jan. 27th from 11:00 – 12:30 at NET in Lincoln.  OLLI is putting on a Death Cafe’. This one requests you to sign up because of limited seating.  Phone: 472-6265

Please consider coming to join us!


Great Momentum

This past week has marked wonderful progress for my new business and I want my readers to see what has happened for me.

#1  The Secretary of States has granted me a Limited Liability Company status; The Next Conversation LLC is now in business!

#2  Formal “Living Room Discussions” have begun.  This is a private consultation with families in their homes where they hire me as a resource to help make a plan of action for their loved one who have health care needs.

#3  A free publication in Lincoln named Lincoln 55 + Seniors Paper placed an article about my work on their back page.  Don’t let the title fool you though!

#4  The electronic monthly newsletter e-Conversations doubled in its outreach (send me your email address if you want to be added)

Celebrate this momentum with me, will ya?!

Please contact me through my website at




Merriam-Webster says the meaning of this includes:  “one that pleads the cause of another…one that defends or maintains a cause…one that supports or promotes the interests of another”

I am in awe about this concept and what may be going on if there is not an advocate, especially in health care.  I bet we all have examples when we stood in the gap for someone and asked the questions or remembered the answers/directions more clearly…because we were the objective one, the less affected one, the healthy one.

Today I am calling out to all of us to be advocates. Plead, defend, support and promote the cause of helping others who are ill, weak, confused or maybe even just unaware of what to say or ask.

Need help in this area?  Fill out the contact information and I will try to be your advocate!

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