A Vapor

I just finished writing an article for the November issue of Strictly Business.  The focus of this issue will be on Memory Care, Dementia, Alzheimer’s.  At the end I was answering a question from the editorial staff and thought I would share my answer as a blog entry today.

“What are some important things to have in place or plans to make before your loved one loses their memory capabilities? Why? What do you recommend for care options as Dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses?”

Legacy, your story, your history, your advice and love is what I want for you to have in place before the memory capabilities are diminished.  Routinely I hear children say, “Dad/Mom doesn’t know us anymore.”  Then they continue with this…“I wish I would have asked them about _____.”  So what to have in place now?  I simply say, talk!  Have any conversation now.  Don’t wait for a better time…what if there isn’t a better time?

James 4:14



Love Runs Deep

Time and time again, I hear stories from people who are working through life after the death of a loved one.  One true amazing fact (from my point of view) is how this grief is so beautiful.  Watching the expression of healing grief, grief that has had the opportunity to become a part of life, but not consume the life is just so beautiful.

You know what it is like to weep with a reverent joy?  A grief that has respect for love, memories and legacy?  It is cleansing, refreshing, tells a story, testifies to a hope and invites others in to experience an intimate emotion.

What a joy to meet with others and see them living through the process…may I follow your examples dear people.


First Time

Once you do something for the First Time, you will always have that experience to draw from for the next time!  Duh?

Just like today, Conversations (my handbook and journal) sold on Amazon.com and was shipped off to Nevada.

First Times like this are major marking points in life.  When you are trying to accomplish a goal, whether happy or tough you have to go through the first time of attempting to reach that goal.

Some of you are going to your first cancer treatment, some are going through meeting your hospice team for the first time, some are waking up to the first day without your loved one…

Just know there will now never be another “first time” again for that situation ever again.  You are now on your way to finding how the second, third, forth…one hundredth time will go and you will have all of the previous efforts under your belt.

What’s the point?  Perseverance my friends…”stick-to-it-ive-ness!”


Friends Support

Tonight I was able to see encouragement in action.  My friend has breast cancer and there was a fundraiser for her at Red9.  How humbling it must be to be the guest of honor for this and yet how important, good and right for us to help her in creative ways.

Friends were supporting her with photos, cash, cards, words of courage and testimonies of remission too.  And then…5 people had their long locks cut of and heads shaved to show their solidarity.

It takes guts to face the diagnosis and treatment of cancer…but it also takes courage to let people help.  Way to go friends for supporting my friend!


Sovereign Timing

Today I read a devotional that went like this;  “Be willing to go out on a limb with Me.  If that is where I am leading you, it is the safest place to be.”

So, how willing are we to follow the lead of our God?  I don’t think dragging my feet is always resistance to His leading, but it gets really scary out there on that limb sometimes!

To feel safe though is a mighty wonderful feeling.  Even though the motion of life (the limb?) and the narrowness of that situation (the limb?) or the focus it takes to stay steady the course… there can be safety.  Rest.  Assurance.  Peacefulness.

Might be worth thinking about for yourself.


It’s Now

There are only so many minutes of life here on this earth…there are only so many words we will be able to say…there is a time when we no longer will get opportunities…

It’s now…


Pets and Their Work

Over and over again I get to experience the soothing care and affect (or is it effect) on hurting people.  There is a calming, a settling, a relaxation that comes over us when we are next to our “buddies” or have them on our lap that is better than any drug ever.

The instinct our pets have when we are stressed and or ill, can clue us in to being aware of unidentified feelings or needs.  Just think of the trained animals for the blind, those with histories of seizures or diabetes problems…they sense and begin working as soon as they pick up on problems.

For now, those of you who have pets and understand the beauty of their presence in your lives…let them do their work in helping care for you.





Today I had a very minor dermatology procedure…all I could think of was folks who are going through really tough physical problems.  I felt like such a wimp!  So, for a bazillion thoughts that crossed my mind, I say bless you folks who are suffering, personalize their care you medical people!  Personalize your interaction with the ill and help them feel as though you have studied their chart and story in detail.  Personalize them, please….


Lucky When On Call

Just found my car dome light on…yipes!  The car started and I am so glad I found this out before the battery went dead.

This would be a major crisis if I had to go out in the middle of the night, eh?

Thank you God!



Are they for loss?

I’d venture to say every failure is a stepping stone closer to a dream come true. If not a dream, perhaps getting closer to a goal or a vision.  We ALL have points in time where the result of “failure” applies to our lives.

What will we do with the information of “failed?”  I can tell you I had one this week and I said, “NO!  LET ME TURN THE CLOCK BACK AND TRY AGAIN!”  But, no such luck, time ticked on and the record was in the books.  ARGH…

Yet…the emotions are passing, plan B is coming in to the picture and life is definitely going on.  Regroup and press through…thank you anyone that encouraged me along the way.




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