Pain Levels

Every person has a different perspective of what pain feels like…some may not even acknowledge the word “pain.”

It may be very helpful to use different words such as:  discomfort, tightness, aching, etc.

The other influence over pain is anxiety.  If anxiety is un-managed, pain will probably stay unresolved.

Hesitance to treat pain?  “I don’t want to become addicted.”  The fear of addiction to pain medication is legitimate, but not when there is an actual injury to your body.

The classic “Pain Scale” is a number rating assessment of a person’s pain description.  It goes from 1-10 with 10 being the highest level of pain.  Asking, “what is your acceptable level of pain” can personalize what level of comfort is desired, but…

If you are anxious, afraid, restless, grouchy and miserable (along with those trying to help you,) you may want to reconsider how much your body is hurting!

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