Different ways to show caring…

Protecting dignity for a vulnerable person.

Facilitating expressions of personal skills/gifts of a dying person.

Providing options for relief.

Guiding but not controlling.




Checked In

We are in New York City and the Empire State Building is right outside of our window!

Big Red has been a topic all day…even as all of my traveling buddies wore red and I completely forgot and wore green.  Sorry Huskers…we are glad for your win.

I know you would see some awesome teamwork if you were here and be amazed at the tolerance of travel for all concerned.


“Gripping Times”

These are two words that definitely describe how my past week has been.  Not a moment has gone by without making an impact on my heart or mind.

I am wondering just how deep and long these memories will be.  How long-term?  What parts of this time of my life will stay with me forever?

If I ever do lose my memory, will you friends and family remind me just how gripping these days of early Sept. 2011 have been.  I never want to forget!



Here’s a unique entry! I have been invited to go on a vacation with several girls to New York City.

The beauty, the uniqueness and the spectacular part of this trip is that one of the girls will be traveling with a supernatural determination and an awareness that she is at the end of her life here on earth!  Humbling, eh?!

I am going to be “the nurse” and help them all make it through her medical needs.  Let’s pray my skills and experience are just what Dr. Jesus orders for her and them!

What an honor…what a memory she is giving her people!



Taking away the fog…
Not blurred…
Being sure of…
Confidence because of conviction…

What other ways would you define “clarity” without Webster’s help?



Days of the Week

Today I heard a woman (who knows grief well), say this about one particular week in time, “The Monday before the Friday.”

This is her memory of a time line. On those two days, significant change happened…and they were deep in to her memory and recall.

Some day will be the day that we can place special markers in our minds eye, acknowledging our lives changed dramatically at that point in time.

With a tender and thoughtful heart,


Pain Medications

There are a multitude of pain medication options, each depend on what phase of pain (acute/chronic) a person is experiencing.  Also, the choice of medication depends on what type of pain (bone/muscle/nerve/gut).

One of my favorite types of treatment includes “long acting” pain pills.  These stay in the blood stream longer and seem to make a huge improvement in relief and quality of a person’s life.

One thing for sure, the hospice team are experts in pain management.  They have nurses, doctors and pharmacists who collectively put together ideas to manage pain.  It’s fascinating to see relief of pain…especially pain that has gone on for so long!

I sure wish pain management (especially morphine) wouldn’t get such a bad rap…




Many client’s I meet are reaching goals left and right. Nothing is stopping them as they accomplish what they need and want to do.  Does a “poor prognosis” really provide that much momentum?

I have an important goal… to finish writing and publish a booklet.  What can I do to not let it get wasted like so many other ideas (like buying gold 20 years ago…HA)?  Just what is it that will catapult me into accomplishing a goal that feels right and will benefit so many others?

Momentum please!



I have always wondered just why there is one straw that broke the camel’s back!  I mean really, one straw???

So many pressures in life bring us to our knees, at least in our thoughts.  Yet, when all the unlucky stars are set in place, why is it that our words, our straw tipped the scale and turned the course of events.

No matter what our intention, no matter how ignorant, no matter how inocent…the camel’s back is broken.

God’s speed to any one who has unknowingly place the final weighty straw on the camel.


Pack Rat

What is end-of-life like for a pack rat?  Exhausting?  Humbling?  Regretful?  Embarrassing?  Or what an awesome time to be a blessing by giving away what has grown strangely dim?

What if you are a pack rat’s family/friend and will be responsible for taking care of all that stuff that some one had to leave behind?

If it is valuable to the receiver, WHAT A GIFT!  But what if it is 5 square yards of styrophome packaging plates piled high against a wall?  Surely “caring for the plates” would be a burden, but it could also be one great story to tell some day!

I am sure when I die there will be tons to throw away, but they all had a purpose…while I was alive.  Whoever will close up my (your) estate, I say thank you!  You are my heros.


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