Grief Resource

Centering Corporation is the Nation’s Oldest and Largest Bereavement Resource Center.  They are located in Omaha Nebraska and provide two important resources for us.

#1  Their Catalog:

#2 Grief Digest Magazine:

Please make this a favorite and spend a little time on their sites.  Great options of help for adults and children.



Alzheimer’s Association

This website can be a life line for families!  The educational opportunity and the networking of other families confronting this hard disease is profound.  Their face to face support groups are worth their weight in gold and should be taken advantage of if you are facing Alzheimer’s disease in any way.


Nebraska Hospice website

Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Partnership

This website connects you to hospice options in our state.  There are links to learning about Advance Directives and other definitions for Terminally ill Nebraskans.

The internet is a great way to search information on end of life care.  Perhaps some day I will have an article written that will be on this site!

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