Community Service

All throughout the community, teams of people are out helping client’s and families who are facing end-of-life circumstances.  One such team is the University of Lincoln Student Athletics.

There is an organized group of mentors helping these students develop a respect and opportunity to serve their community.  I have seen them in action and the impact they have on client’s with a terminal illness.  It’s fun, insightful and really touching.

The client’s are Husker fans, season ticket owners, supporters and know their games!  I think the students come in with objectives to learn about these folks and leave with a new sense of life.  When people are aware they are in a dying phase of life, they are found to be radically alive and speaking words of wisdom that can change the hearers perspective of life.

Thank you UNL staff for providing these opportunities to our community and especially to clients at the end of their lives.  Thank you to all the students who have taken time away from their studies…it is impressive and fun to watch.


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