Do I Come or Not

When someone is at the end of their life, people will have to be making decisions about coming to the bedside of the dying person.  We are asked many times should I stay or go…should we call family who live out of town…should the children come, etc.?

People tell me they have to consider their family responsibilities. They have to consider work responsibilities.  Travel plans and weather make a difference in the timing of coming or not.

For all of the employers, spouses, neighbors and friends who help free people up so they may come to the bedside of their dying loved ones, I say thank you.  We all have to make our own decision to come or not to the bedside, but knowing others are supporting them takes away a lot of their burden.

Do I come or not it is a huge decision.  There is never a wrong decision, unless you live in regrets that pressure you the rest of your life!


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