Elderly Caregivers

A remarkable fact of life is how the elderly are caring for the elderly.  Even more remarkable is how the elderly are caring for their children too.

Feelings of responsibility run deep in the heart of a spouse and parent.  Longevity of relationships, costs of health care and promises made along the way factor in to how long the elderly are caring for each other.

How do we help?  Referring the elderly to the Area Agencies for Aging may be a turning point for their needs.  Accessibility to a Lifeline, Meals On Wheels, transportation to appointments, options for volunteers to help with shopping can be enough to ease a heavy burden.

These folks may be health issues qualifying them for hospice services and then their support team becomes amazingly beneficial.

If you know of a household where the elderly are caring for each other, routinely stop in on them and get involved.  A regular short interaction may show you ways to help them and earn a voice when problems need to have intervention.  This supports the sense of community.





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