Emotions Can Start the Conversation

Okay, now let’s just say you didn’t run away from the conversation during some “bad news.”  Let’s just say you felt the weight of staying put, not shutting the opportunity down to enter in to one of the hardest talks you have ever been involved in.

I know most of us will say, “I don’t want to cry.”  And yet…there is a big chance this flood gate of emotions and hot tears will start rolling down your face.

Tears, crying, even sobbing are genuine ways to communicate feelings when trying to get the conversation started.  This is a healthy expression of grief and can actually be the next step in talking about a hard fact in life.  Weeping frequently opens the door…

Go through that emotional door and allow these tears to be your words for a bit.  Let this expression communicate your love and worry .  Being overwhelmed with emotions is a normal reality which puts you on an equal playing field with the one diagnosed with the health problem.  You can be sure, they have wept too.




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  • Vicki Coffin

    Great information and definitely not April Fool’s. Thank you Jackie for validating feelings!

    April 1, 2014

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