Here are helpful hints on three types of medical equipment:

Cane:  the person really needs to still be moving well and just needing a slight bit of balance

Walker:  wheels or not may be the decision…either way, remember walkers allow upper body strength to compensate for weak legs.  BUT…make it the right height for each person to be upright prevent leaning too much on the walker

Wheel chairs:  again, get the right size!  Some folks can propel themselves as they sit by digging heels in to the floor and moving forward.  W/C are also decent for walking behind (remember they can roll away though)!  Some w/c have leg rests that elevate and help control feet/ankle swelling

Each of these three pieces of equipment can help maintain a certain level of independence.  YET each one needs to be respected as a device that is being used because “something” isn’t as strong as it used to be.  SAFETY and proper use is the key.


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