Extreme Kindness

Today I was on the phone with a woman who “adopted” my chocolate lab 11 years ago.  She was telling me that Jade, the lab, was very sick.  She wanted to invite me out to see her.  While we were talking, Jade actually died.

The extreme  kindness I write about was from God Himself.  I mean really…11 years ago these folks took Jade into their family.  For a couple of years I have waited for a call reporting she had died.  Yet…today, right in the window of time when I could take a call, I was on the phone learning of her condition change and got to experience the exact moment of her death.  I was so touched, felt connected and experiencing her moment.

This is what other families get to join in during hospice care.  Being there, in the moment, with the one that is loved and aware of their moving out of this life to the other side.

God is very gracious in his kindness to me today.


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