First Time

Once you do something for the First Time, you will always have that experience to draw from for the next time!  Duh?

Just like today, Conversations (my handbook and journal) sold on and was shipped off to Nevada.

First Times like this are major marking points in life.  When you are trying to accomplish a goal, whether happy or tough you have to go through the first time of attempting to reach that goal.

Some of you are going to your first cancer treatment, some are going through meeting your hospice team for the first time, some are waking up to the first day without your loved one…

Just know there will now never be another “first time” again for that situation ever again.  You are now on your way to finding how the second, third, forth…one hundredth time will go and you will have all of the previous efforts under your belt.

What’s the point?  Perseverance my friends…”stick-to-it-ive-ness!”


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