For Love?

A man asked me this question: “Why could I tell my friends my dad was on hospice, but I couldn’t say he is dying?” Did he feel like he was giving up on his dad if he said, “my dad is dying?”

At first I wondered just how awkward it is to face death today in this high-tech medical world, compared to the days when there was minimal intervention for cure or treatment. How far away are we from death being a natural phase of aging? Why is it so profoundly hard to consider death is coming as people enter in to the later stages of a terminal illnesses?

My heart tells me love has something to do with this man’s use of the term “my dad is on hospice.”  Love softens the blows of dying, love covers stress during end of life, love allows us to tolerate the sting of death.

One thing for sure, Love does not fail, and neither did this man.



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