Forced by Love

One very clear understanding I have, includes this truth.  For most people, having to talk about the obvious disease or prognosis they are facing is gut wrenching and challenging.  Not only for the one carrying the diagnosis, but also for their friends and family.

It seems as though very heavy symptoms of pain, lack of eating, dark circles around the eyes and withdrawing from abilitiy to take part in the usual routine, force the conversation.  Because of the obvious?  Because of fear?  Because there is no more time?

When you know you are going to walk in to that dreaded discussion, facing the facts of grief/loss/death…it will knock you over emotionally.  That is normal…expected…tough…  How about if we are forced by love though and take the opportunity to talk and share our hearts, instead of waiting for the crisis time of the ‘have tos?’

Just asking…


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