Going the Extra Mile

How much does going the extra mile cost now any ways?  If your are talking literally, I buy the gas that is around the $3.00 mark and I thank God I don’t have a gargantuan SUV to fill!

We all know the literal is very similar to the figurative.  Going the extra mile also has a cost of energy, time, effort, giving up.

I am going out on a limb here at Christmas time…what about not fighting against the gift of presence and self and time?  What about slowing down the crazy parts (not the fun parts, just the out of contol crazy parts) and be present with eachother?

If you are ever around someone with a terminal illness and their world is immoble or seemingly unable to so anything,  you might experience one of the most beautiful Christmas times of simplicity and sharing.  Life and legacy soar to the top of the “I will never trade this for anything” chart.

What say you reader?  You going the extra mile of being present this Christmas?



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