Hospice Nurses

Some times there comes along a hospice nurse that “just has it.”  Over the past 6 years of working in end of life care I have gotten to see those types of nurses in action.  It is amazing and brings a feeling of security to my profession.

Where does this come from?  Of-course experience in nursing and end of life care nurtures the nurses abilities.  Mentors for us in the field make a huge impact on each other’s successes, but there seems to be a born for this kind of work quality.

One piece that is a for sure though, even the nurse born for this kind of work will make mistakes.  The mistake is valuable when they are learned from.

If you ever get to meet this nurse, have him or her as your hospice nurse or have a friend in this line of care…soak it up, ask questions, let them care for you!


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