How Do I Do This?

There are many questions to ask and decisions to make when a terminal illness has been exposed.  So how do people walk through the end-of-life with grace?

To me, priorities must include asking the questions.  Get the thoughts out of your head and talk to your people.  I am biased and want you to talk to your hospice team.  They have multiple team members who are not only trained, but experienced AND have talents that are coated with wisdom and compassion.

Another priority?  Learn about comfort, safety and dignity VERY EARLY in your diagnosis.  Spending time defining what these three words mean to you will help you spend your energy and emotions.  I call it “going there.”  Getting to the heart and soul of what life can mean to you brings wisdom and an intimacy in life worth experiencing.

The last thing to “do,” is to know this is all about you, your wants, your needs, your perspective and you are at the hub of decisions.


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