I Want to Go Home

Sometimes going home is the only goal a person may have as they face a terminal illness.  Over and over they express, “I just want to go home!”  “That is where I want to be,” “I won’t go any where else” and “I just need to go home.”

What a wonderful thought and way to spend your energy as a person facing the last phases of life…to get home.  I can think this way, because as a former Hospice Nurse I have seen this happen many times with excellent results!  But mostly the results are wonderful because all parties have graciously comprimised to build a support team (client/family/friends/neighbors/Hospice Team.)

If you are hearing a loved one say over and over they want to go home, please don’t be frightened about that goal.  There are resources (get Hospice!) available to support you all and share the responsibility.  The fear of the unknown may not go away, but when the desires of a person to be at home are reached there can be a joy seen in their eyes and heard in their voice that you will never forget.

Home is really where the heart is…


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