Loneliness in Dying

Loneliness in dying can be a natural phase to go through.  No one can really understand the impact a person has as they face their last weeks of life.

There is a difference in being lonely and being alone.  I know people who want to be by themselves, quiet and readying themselves for the separation that comes at end of life.  Then there are others that experience that emotion of loneliness and it can be a really sad time.

Entering in to the center of this emotion as a hospice nurse is one of the greatest privaleges I know.  It feels intimate, unique, personal and is a way to give grace and mercy one more time!



  • Samantha

    Wow, Jackie. I really thought this entry spoke volumes. It is sometimes difficult to understand small differences in the way that individuals view their situation. It is important that we are all able to see the bigger picture and fill in where we are needed most. And honestly, sometimes we are just needed in the hand of the person we are caring for. A gentle reassuring squeeze telling them it is okay, and they are not alone.

    March 27, 2012
    • Your feedback is excellent Samantha! One of my favorite times in life is to facilatate thinking. If that is what this entry did, I am overjoyed for sure. Isn’t it amazing what impact our hands can have on others? That gentle reassuring squeeze you refer to has made an impact on my own life too. Glad to have you on my blog!

      March 28, 2012

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