Not Ready to Talk

When we need to look in to the face of someone who has a health crisis, a terminal illness that is causing debilitations…we must approach that conversation knowing some people (including ourselves) may not be ready or willing to talk.

So how do we start the conversation with those that are not ready to talk?  Perhaps you can say something like “I know you don’t want to talk, but I want to hear what matters to you…I don’t want to miss the opportunity…what if we don’t get the chance to hear what you want to say…while we have a choice in the matter, can we at least start the conversation…”

A lot of times necessity presses the conversation.  Circumstance of the disease and making treatment decisions may force us to talk. If someone stays in the mode of not talking,” that may be the reality and we have to surrender to that reality.  Sad?  Regretful?  Frustrating?  Yes, but it also is more common than you may think.

That is when I say, words are not everything.  Look for other ways to communicate and stand by this person whether they verbalize or with hold their words.





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