Pack Rat

What is end-of-life like for a pack rat?  Exhausting?  Humbling?  Regretful?  Embarrassing?  Or what an awesome time to be a blessing by giving away what has grown strangely dim?

What if you are a pack rat’s family/friend and will be responsible for taking care of all that stuff that some one had to leave behind?

If it is valuable to the receiver, WHAT A GIFT!  But what if it is 5 square yards of styrophome packaging plates piled high against a wall?  Surely “caring for the plates” would be a burden, but it could also be one great story to tell some day!

I am sure when I die there will be tons to throw away, but they all had a purpose…while I was alive.  Whoever will close up my (your) estate, I say thank you!  You are my heros.



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  • chris

    Go Pack rats!!!!!

    August 20, 2011

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