Recovery Phases

The impact of a crisis brings a tremendous physical reaction.  You know the feeling, your mind is swirling with “no!”  “No!”  “NO!”  Then you feel your breathing, which we are normally clueless to, the muscles get tight and the ability to focus in a thought is ridiculously useless.

This just happened to me as I work in a room surrounded by windows…a wren hit my glass door and was stunned.  I thought it had died.  Wow, I did not want to have to deal with a dead bird, plus my heart was breaking for its vulnerability and suffering.

…this is what it is like with people; new diagnosis, crisis, and symptoms that can no longer be denied.

The crazy part, the relief part, is that some people (LIKE THE WREN) have these recovery phases.  YEAH!!  The shock of being hit by the glass, something the poor bird had no clue was in its path, wore off and it is up flying again!

We humans have this throughout our lives too.  We face a crisis, it hits us like running to the glass door, we lay down at first, then sit up and gather our thoughts… and after a bit we fly again.  We get the opportunity to go about our routine, but now with new information.

Wonder how it will affect our flight path?




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