Silence can either be a threatening sound or an absolutely peaceful time in life.  Our response has to do with the state of mind we are in or the circumstance of the silence.

When silence is a response during end of life conversations, people may literally be finding their thoughts…for the very first time.  Not many of us go through end of life situations on a regular basis.  Pausing or not commenting may just be due to the uniqueness and or newness of the issues.   Add on the shocking reality of “end of life” topics and you really have a complex discussion going on.

I know there are commercials talking about the awkwardness of silence, I can agree.  Yet, silence can also be a gift.  If there is time to ponder, think through, figure what thoughts and options are important to you (personally and for your family)…waiting to speak may be a profoundly precious time between you and your head.

How many can relate to a moment in time when you are “just there” with someone, no words, just side by side.  I will venture to believe that experience was impactful and important.

Peace to necessary times of silence…


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