Slowing the Clock Down

Now that is a funny line, especially since we just turned our clocks back for Daylight Savings!

But really now, don’t we all want this to happen, especially when we become aware there is less and less time left or when so much is going on we realize a whole year has gone by?

How do we change the pace of time? Do we even have any control of time? Or is it our perception and use of time that causes us to feel time is going by too fast?

How about if we try to:

Seizing the moment…that can change our perception and cause us to catch the intended beauty, not miss it

Breathing deeply…pushing out anxieties that steal or waste time and memories

Set purposeful goals…can the process of being intentional bring us more time?

Just something to think about right after the Daylight Savings “gave us one more hour.”




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