So Cold

So many physical changes happen when people are at the end of their lives…including feeling so cold.  It is not uncommon for the circulation inside of their bodies to change.

Please make extra efforts to control the environment as much as possible; blankets, tucking hands under the covers, wearing a simple stocking cap, adjust room temperature and maybe even serving warm drinks can warm their fragile bodies into comfort.

Never minimize what your own warmth can do to comfort a dying person.  Holding their hands or sitting/laying next to your loved one can bring them the physical comfort and also remind them you are near and present.

The internal human thermometer just is having a hard time doing what it “normally” did before the end of life process began.  Many times you have to realize the opposite can happen too and they may be too warm.  Just keep adjusting to the need…you who are in the midst of this phase are doing great!





Now that winter is coming along this all may be exacerbated.


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