Soothing Sounds

Forever in my career I have been taught and have experienced first hand the comment, “hearing is the last thing to go.”  So what kind of things do people want and or need to hear before their death?

Soothing sounds?  This could be music, sounds of the outside like birds and cars going by or maybe even silence.

Regular discussions?  Just the normal conversations that go on in a day can be relaxing for people to hear.

Memories?  Reminiscing may be just what relaxes a person.  Stories of sharing lives and talking about the past can bring healing for the living and the dying.

Cheers from a NE game?  Go Big Red!

Coos?  How about the newborn that may have just come in to your lives?  Their cries, coo, grunts and your responses to the baby also could bring rest and happiness to a person.

I am sure you can come up with all sorts of personalized ideas…just keep trying to bring an environment to promote rest.





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