There comes seasons in life where there are repetitious events, one right after another that cause strain and grief.  That one right after another can be called stacking.  This can be a collection of emotions that build upon each other and intensify the strain and outcome.

So what can we do, other than just hang on?  How can we prevent being overwhelmed and loosing perspective?

The biggest answer has a lot to do with our faith;  what is our belief system for hope, stability and emotional comfort?

The next answer can include asking;  what is my part in helping, doing, sharing the load?  Remember we are to be responsible for only our part, not a self expectation to take care of everything for everybody.

Another answer is to draw on each other for support, talk about the personal impact on you with a friend and some how find a way to be kind to yourself.  Taking part in a “normal” routine may help ground you, even if it may be only for a short time…it is well worth it!


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