The Elephant

“The elephant in the room.”

This creature gets named for those obvious, huge issues in our lives that we try so hard to not even acknowledge.  We put up with the messiness and destruction it causes just so we don’t have to face the fact there is an unnatural topic in our home.

Why do we live with the elephant in the room?  Are we used to its presence?  Has the elephant been in our home for so long that we have arranged the furniture (our thoughts/routines) around it and made a spot for it to stay?

Many times I have had to initiate the conversation about this elephant in the room.  Saying, “Okay, we need to talk about the elephant in the room.”  There usually is a gasp, a silence or a sigh of relief…then it just seems like the size of the elephant keeps getting smaller and smaller.  The thinking space to process the huge topic  gets clearer and clearer.

Once we acknowledge this large animal is in the room, we can identify the right place for it to live and explore the freedom and begin enjoying our room again!


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