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I had someone say to me, “I would never call a Hospice Team to ask my questions…”  This was an eye opening comment to me, especially when I knew there were folks that called hospice numbers just to do that very thing.  They would ask their questions, tell their stories, get some great referral information and options for their next step.

This person has the perspective of many people I meet out in the community.  There are tons of questions about health care as a terminal disease is making it harder and harder to live life as you normally know life.  But then there is this stigma, this negative input and misunderstanding of what “hospice” means.  May I please give you some new thoughts to consider.

#1  Calling a Hospice Team can give you information, encouragement, options and the next step.

#2  Calling a Hospice Team may simply relieve your burden and start you on a process of living a your life with the help you need.

#3  Calling a Hospice Team and hearing the voice on the other end of the phone may be all you need to connect you to compassion

If these three reasons are not enough, but you still want to talk about your questions and needs, will you at least call me?  402-432-7175


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