The Team for caring

Who are the people that are actually caring for others as they LIVE the rest of their life? 

I see heroic care by family members that would make you shake the cobwebs out of your thinker!  There are friends and neighborly type people who out of love and respect check in on folks or stay with them as others take a break.  Then of-course there is the obvious medical team members.

An amazing part of a team I get to see is the Massage Therapist.  The simple kind act of rubbing someones feet to help them relax can turn in to identifying very important problems that are interferring with the basics of life…need their toe nails trimmed.  Really?  Yep…

Who else can we think of that takes care of folks at the end of their life?



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  • chris

    I recently trimmed a friend’s toe nails. Nice to help.

    May 4, 2011

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