Under the Spell

One possible reason people are not able to have the conversations they want to have, should have or need to have with the terminally ill, may be from living under the spell of unhealthy grief.

What I mean by that is along the line of living under an unfortunate and misdirected resistance to a reality.  The pressure of dying, real life ending for someone here on earth, can squeeze us into simply becoming numb and not being a participant.  Being under a spell…

I’d like to ask you to think about grief as your partner, your comrade, your motivator…really?!  Yep, really. Healthy grief can be the catalyst to seizing moments, taking advantage of limited opportunity, honesty, intimacy and bypassing that crazy heavy burden of regret.

Under the spell?  Miss the opportunity.

Healthy grieving?  Honoring and inspiring others to live…




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