What it Takes

There are decisions and qualifications people make when facing their end-of-life.

One decision is to confront the fact that something terribly wrong and progressive is going on in their body. Any condition takes its toll on a body. This disease is ultimately contributing to these dear soul’s death.

This is where the extended medical community usually gets involved. Not just the doctor’s office, but care facilities and pharmacies and companies such as hospice teams.

Hospice care is a choice of treatment, a theory of care. The client’s have decided they no longer want to fight against their disease, but to let nature take its course.

Qualifying for hospice care is directed by you, the disease and your physician. Once a consent for hospice is signed, most people are amazed at the services available. Here is where I meet people as they live their lives and prepare for their deaths.

What it Takes to face your own disease and dying process includes a massive exhaustive effort to talk about the reality of a finite physical body, finish realistic goals and to keep comfortable and in control. What it Takes is heroic, humbling, challenging (to say the least) and expressions of emotions that have never been felt before in life.

How about a big salute to everyone who is currently walking in those shoes!



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