Why Get a Medical Bed?

One piece of equipment that is critical to have with certain medical conditions is the electric medical bed.

An electric function is key to protect the care giver’s back. Pushing a button verses straining to crank a handle to change positions of the bed will completely make your day.

Raising the head of the bed may help with breathing and nausea symptoms or aiding in swallowing when a person is eating in bed.

Raising the foot of the bed may keep the person from sliding down on the mattress.

Rails are available to place on the side of the bed so the person can grasp them and help themselves turn or reposition themselves.  These rails also are great reminders not to get up on their own or may even prevent someone from falling out of the bed.

As a 5’8″ tall woman I love the function of raising the entire height of the bed while I am giving a bath, doing a procedure or just changing the linen on the bed.

Hospice traditionally supplies a medical bed while under their services, otherwise some people purchase beds.  All in all, the medical bed is a GREAT tool, BUT I say, go electric.


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