Witnessing Death

There are some intense feelings to experience as you are present with someone as they go from life to death.  Depending on how you are related to the one dying, the feelings will be experienced at various levels of intensity.

I observe a lot of sadness, some really great humor or even a reminiscing that sparks a celebratory appearance.  That ever-present moment (or ten minutes before the last death) is amazing to watch.  Individuals are just doing what they need to do before the end has arrived.  Opportunities are soon to be over.

Observing patients and family in these moment is remarkably honoring, intimate to say the least.  I wonder if I am closer to God when I see someone die…wondering what the dying person sees from their point of view…wondering what God sees!

I mean really, maybe it is just one awesome break through rush and relief!  Either way, witnessing death is a thought-provoking emotional experience.  Affected for life!


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